We provides the needs of safety instruments solution and product which most suitable for application such as Flame Detector, Gas Detector, Manual Call Point, Sounder, Beacon, Fire Alarm System, High Sensitivity Smoke Detector (HSSD), Linear Heat Detection (LHD), etc. PT. KIM collaborate with specialized & experienced international manufacturer as their principal to provide high quality products and solutionsto meet customers’ needs, suitable to application and achieve customers’ satisfaction with the competitive offer.
Introduction All industries do all their best to prevent any fire or gas leak that could triggering explosion or toxic gas exposure at the process plant or building. But flammable/Toxic gas leak and fire accident not always be avoidable. If fire or gas leak accident happening, there must be available a detection device/system that will automatically detect and immediately provide early warning through notification system to alert all personnel in the field / building for evacuation. This such equipment also known as safety mitigation system for risk reduction. 

Product Range: 
1. Flame and Gas Detector Applicable for outdoor process plant in Hazardous area or Indoor building safe Area. 
a. Flame Detector The devices function is to detect UV/IR or IR spectrum emitted from a flame. The types commonly used are UV/IR or Multi Spectrum IR (MSIR) types.
b. Gas Detector The device function is to detecting any gas leaks, either toxic gas or flammable gas such as Methane, Propane, Butane, H2 etc. The types of sensors commonly used for gas detectors are Infrared Point type for flammable gas detectors, Catalytic type for flammable gas detectors and Hydrogen (H2) and Electrochemical type for toxic gas detectors. In addition, there is also photo-ionization detectors (PIDs) type may be used to measure volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

2. Fire Alarm Detection Devices and System Fire Alarm System (FAS) equipment is designed generally for fire detection. The application that is commonly used is for fire detection in a building (indoor) such as offices, malls, apartments, hospital, hotel etc. This equipment uses sensors in the form of a smoke detector (Photoelectric), Heat Detector (Fix temperature, Rate of Rise (ROR) and also a Manual Call Point (Break Glass or push/pull type) and its output is generally connected to signaling device such Sounder, beacon / flash light, or to another system (PAGA, HVAC, etc.).
3. Linear Heat Detection (LHD) LHD basically heat detector which detects the heat products from the fire in the form of a cable. The conductor of the LHD cable coated with a polymer material that is sensitive to temperature and will melt at a certain temperature (at the alarm set point) and create a closed contact connection on the LHD cable and send a signal to the controller. Outer Sheath is Nylon UV & Chemical Resistant with alarm temperature setpoint options 70°C or 90°C. Rugged construction— Stainless Steel outer armour available as options. SIL-2 certified available. Its application is usually for detection of fire on a storage tank, transformer, high power cable tray etc. LHD heat detection type of device is almost no maintenance which ultimately low operational expenditure.

Application: • Petro-Chemical Storage Tank (Fix Roof, Floating Roof with retractable cable, Hazardous or Safe Area) • Transformer • Pump • Cable Tunnel • Road Tunnel • Conveyor • Electrical Control & Switchgear Cabinets • Warehouse High Rise Pallet Racking • etc 

4. Manual Call Point (MCP) MCP is used as a medium to activate/trigger the alarm manually by pressing or breaking the glass on the MCP when someone sees an emergency condition, especially fire or gas leak. The type of MCP can be a push button, pull handle or break glass. Housing material selectable either marine grade aluminum alloy, GRP or 316L Stainless Steel. 

5. Fire Signaling Equipment 
 a. Sounder / Horn Audible notification equipment that will generate sound/tone to alert personnel in a building or process plant area when emergency fire or gas leak situation. Various sound level of sound level 115dB(a), 117dB(a), 125dB(a) or even higher is available. Housing material selectable either marine grade aluminum alloy, GRP or 316L Stainless Steel.

b. Beacon / Flash Light Visible notification equipment in the form of a flash light / strobe to alert personnel in a building or process area when emergency fire or gas leak situation. Various of intensity flash light available using high energy LED or Xenon type of flash lamp. Housing material selectable either marine grade aluminum alloy, GRP or 316L Stainless Steel.
c. Plant Wide Siren In the big plant area, a high output of Siren to cover whole area will be required for alarm emergency notification and immediate evacuation. E2S as leasing fire signaling producer provide various product solution to fit for purpose. For example, A131dB(A) electronic siren in a compact and easy to install package. Using up to four speakers, it can be mounted in a variety of ways for applications with sound coverage requirements up to 300m. While A141 is the latest in a new generation of high output electronic sounders from E2S which are ideal for wide area and disaster warning applications requiring sound coverage up to 750m


Beam Smoke Detectors are the wide area smoke detection technology of choice. Beam smoke detectors offer simplified wiring, installation and maintenance than other detection types and are therefore the best fire detection technology for wide area coverage. A beam smoke detector works by sending an invisible infra-red (IR) beam of light across the area being protected that the receiver then measures. If smoke is present in the air, this obscure, or blocks, the light received by the receiver. When enough smoke is in the air, the IR light level will drop below a set level, which then triggers an alarm condition. All of our products are manufactured in the UK. Choose Fireray® to take advantage of an accurate and reliable product, backed by 40 years of experience. 

There is two type of beam smoke detectors: 
a. End to End Should typically be considered where there are reflective surfaces close to the beam’s path, or where the beam path would be restricted due to fixed obstructions. Operating range 16.5 ft 393 ft (5 to 120m) 
b. Reflective Most widely used and requires less wiring, which offers reduced installation cost and time. Operating range 26.2 ft to 328 ft (8 m to 100 m).

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