OSRAM High Power Modular Street Light G2 - WB


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High Power Modular Street Light G2 - WB
High Power Modular Street Light (HPMSLTM G2) Generation 2 is a state of art LED street light
lantern designed with the concept of flexibility, sustainability and maintainability. Modular LED light
engine approach offering excellent flexibility fulfilling different street light classification requirements
by varying the number of HPMLTM light engine modules, which is suitable for all outdoor lighting
applications. It also has excellent thermal management ensuring reasonable LED junction
temperature for optimal operation. HPMSLTM offers an energy-efficient alternative to 70W~400W

traditional HQI/HPS street lanterns.
Available options
2/3/4/5/6/7/8 models with different lumen
output and power ranges as alternative
solution for existing 70W~400W classical
IP66 protection & modular light engine
Screw fixed and modular HPMLTM light engine
simplifies maintenance and system upgrade
High system efficiency
Energy efficient street light achieving over 94
lm/W system efficacy
Long life time
Long life saving maintenance cost, more than
50,000 hours lifetime
White light
White light helps to distinguish objects, colors
and shapes easier at night with better color
rendering and a higher perceived brightness
making people feel safer outdoors
Environmental friendly
Contains no hazardous materials
Street light illumination
Street illumination for various kinds of roads,
while providing maintenance-free and energysaving
City beautification
City road illumination making landscape and
shops more visible at night
Parking lots and industrial roads
Illuminating parking lots and industrial road

while improving security and visibility at night