HRLM BYS Series Explosion Proof Corrosion Resistance Polyester Fluorescent Fitting (ⅡC,DIP)


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BYS Series Explosion Proof Corrosion Resistance Polyester Fluorescent Fitting(ⅡC,DIP)
20, 21, 22.

Designed for
Explosive atmosphere Zone 1 Zone 2
Combustible dust Zone Zone Zone
Designed for
Temperature classes T1 T6 T4
Designed for petroleum exploitation, refinery,
storage,chemistry,medicine, textile ,paint,military
and military facilities etc.
site with potential explosive atmosphere.
Enclosure material options polycarbonate allo

and glass fiber reinforced polyester (GRP).

Tipe : 

BYS-1 28
BYS-2 28
BYS-1 36
BYS-2 36
BYS-1 18E
BYS-2 18E
BYS-1 36E
BYS-2 36E
BYS-1 20R
BYS-2 20R
BYS-1 40R
BYS-2 40R

Features of Polycarbonate Alloy Enclosure Fixture 


Enclosure is injected of imported polycarbonate alloy material with good benefits in high strength,impact resistance,
corrosion resistance, thermal resistance and cold resitance.
Lamp shade is injected of polycarbonate with good benefits in lighting transmittance,impact resistance.
Fluorescent fixture designed in double sealing structure with strong water resistance and dust resistance property.
Reflector designed in special double paraboloic to improve lighting efficiency greatly.
Enclosure and lamp shade designed of buckle structure easy to open and close tightly.
Plug in terminals easy to wiring.
Name brand fluorescent tubes inside with lone service life and high light efficiency
Built in exclusive explosion proof electronic ballast
Built-in limit switch,de-energizing when open cover to assure the safe operation and maintenance.
Lighting fixutre with emergency unit will be automatically shafted to emergency lighting status when normal power failure.
Special designed over charging,over discharging circuit inside emergency unit.
Steel conduit or cable wiring.
Technical Specification of Polycarbonate Alloy Enclosure Fixture
Compliance with
Explosion protection:
Rated voltage
Tube options: Bi pin fluorescent tube x x
Bi pin fluorescent tube x x
Ingress protection
Corrosion resistance:
Cable entries:
Cable’s outer specification
Battery charging time
Emerhency starting time
Emergency lighting duration
:GB 3836.1,GB 3836.2,GB 3836.3,GB 3836.9,GB 12476.1,IEC60079-0,IEC60079-1,IEC60079-7,IEC60079-18,IEC61241-1-1
:AC 220V
T8 - (1 36W,2 36W)
T5 - (1 28W,2 28W)