Explossion Proof Technor Italsmea EVde-LED / EVde-PT Series


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Explossion Proof Technor Italsmea EVde-LED / EVde-PT Series

Long life maintenance free High Intensity Power LEDs with narrow beam
lenses. EVde-…LED Spot Lights are used as local spot lights where high
illumination is required day and night. Due to their LED based technology,
Evde-…LED Spot Lights are shock/vibration resistant and free from infrared
and ultraviolet effects. These spot Lights are used when blinding effect
for operator and no light pollution is required. The lights are also available
as tank light and portable light, ideal for demanding Onshore and Offshore
applications e.g. cleaning, grit blasting and inspection of con ned spaces.

Material Copper free Aluminium (Cu <0,1%)
IP Rating IP65
Temperature -50°C to 60°C
& Approvals
EC-Type Examination Certi cate
GOST Certi cate IT. 04. 00510
Standards EN 60079-0 / 60079-1 / 60079-7 / 61241-0 / 61241-1
IEC 60079-0 / 60079-1 / 60079-7 / 61241-0 / 61241-1
Ex-code II 2 GD
Ex d IIC T5 / T4
Ex tD A21 IP65 T100°C / T135°C
Ex de IIC T5 / T4
Ex tD A21 IP65 T100°C / T135°C
According to European Directive
94/9/EC (ATEX)
For Zone 1/Zone 2, Zone 21/Zone 22
Gaskets O-ring made in Nitrile Rubber (NBR)
Surface treatment External polyurethane painting “Standard Cycle”
Green RAL 6003
Entries Nr. 2 M25 entries
Hardware and
Screw Stainless steel external hardware
Lamps 18 or 48 LED’s
Lamps Wattage High Intensity Power LED’s: 1W each
Rated operation
voltage (UE) 24Vdc or 240Vac models available
Frequency 50/60 Hz.
Available upon
request Handle for single handed portability