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The challenges of high ceiling environments

High-bay environments are unique – and the challenges you face as an owner or operator are many and various. With increased emphasis on cost and energy efficiency and with high cost and major disruption associated with maintenance, reviewing your lighting solution, especially in the light of new technology, is a must.

Solutions that work
At Philips Lighting, we understand the challenges you face in managing your high-bay environment and we have a range of solutions to fit your needs. We can recommend the best products for spaces using traditional HIDs, which might be afluorescent solution. Alternatively we can advise you on the newgeneration of low maintenance, energy saving LEDs – designedto enhance light quality, drive down cost and reduce carbonfootprint. In short we can help make it easy for you.

Brighter spaces
Well-lit, high ceiling environments are not just a ‘nice to have’,they are a legal requirement. When you have no room forerror, you’ll appreciate the health and safety benefits of lighting solutions that provide uniform light, no dark patches and good colour rendering. Employees and customers will feel better too, boosting productivity or smooth flow through your space.

Reducing maintenance
High ceilings traditionally mean expensive maintenance work. Just arranging access can be a major spike in your running costs and that’s even before you factor in lamp replacement costs. Add disruption and loss of productivity to that and it’s a major interruption to ‘business as usual’. Our products have a reputation for reliability and with the introduction of long lifetime LEDs, further cost reductions are possible.

Health and wellbeing
Better light quality means increased comfort. When people feel better they work better, which means increased productivity, so everyone’s happy. Our new generation of high-bay lighting gives more consistent light coverage, with no dark areas and better colour rendering, so workers can do their jobs more comfortably and customers can feel the benefits too.

Reducing carbon footprint
Increasingly, organisations are being challenged by partners, associates or by government to reduce their carbon footprint. Reducing your carbon emissions through energy efficient lighting is a good way and with LED giving energy savings of up to 60% it’s proof that lighting can make a valuable contribution to reducing the costs associated with the carbon you produce.

Achieving business goals
When we say we understand the challenges you face, we mean from a commercial perspective too, not just a lighting one. Our pedigree in lighting means we’re uniquely placed to be able to listen to you, understand your situation and advise on appropriate solutions to meet your business needs. We know that every customer requirement is different and also that recommending the right lighting solution for you can directly affect your profitability. And that’s good for business.


Philips 2nd generation LED Highbay BY687P / BY688P/ 689P, an innovative LED based highbay lighting system with future proof Patent design, providing significant energy saving, ultimate reliability and versatile applications.

Energy costs continue to rise. So it’s more important than ever for businesses – especially those operating industrial, warehouse and other commercial facilities - to reduce the amount of energy they use for lighting. That’s why Philips developed the GreenPerform LED Highbay luminaire. Designed to replace traditional up to 250W HID Highbays, this advanced lighting system can deliver up to 60% energy savings. The system delivers simple, point-to-point replacement of up to 250W HID Highbays with three easy installation methods. The unique flat design means you have the flexibility to install by hook, pendant or bracket. GreenPerform LED Highbay will also reduce downtime. In the event of a power failure they turn on instantly, compared to the slower warm up of traditional HID lamps. They provide exceptionally high-performance in a range of applications. There are three beam shapes to choose from and the high-rack optics are engineered to illuminate vertical planes with exceptionally high accuracy.

Detail Product Code for Green Perform Highbay, please check in below : 

GP Highbay 2 - Big Housing
911401568511BY687P LED240/CW PSR S-WB L3000-240W24000 lm 1-10V dimmable
911401568811BY687P LED240/CW PSR S-NB L3000-240W24000 lm 1-10V dimmable
911401568611BY687P LED200/CW PSR S-WB L3000-200W20000 lm 1-10V dimmable
911401569311BY687P LED200/CW PSR S-NB L3000-200W20000 lm 1-10V dimmable
GP Highbay 2 - Medium Housing
911401567211BY688P LED160 L3000/CW PSU S-NB-140W16000 lm fixed driver
911401567111BY688P LED160 L3000/CW PSU S-WB16000 lm fixed driver
911401536511BY688P LED140/CW PSU S-NB14000 lm fixed driver
911401536411BY688P LED140/CW PSU S-WB14000 lm fixed driver
GP Highbay 2 - Small Housing
911401568111BY689P LED100 L3000/CW PSU S-NB-90W10000 lm fixed driver
911401568311BY689P LED100 L3000/CW PSU S-WB10000 lm fixed driver
911401536911BY689P LED90/CW PSU S-NB9000 lm fixed driver
911401536811BY689P LED90/CW PSU S-WB9000 lm fixed driver
GreenPerform HighBay Accessories
911401568411BY617Z MBMounting brancket for big housing
911401578801BY618Z MBMounting bracket for medium housing
911401578701BY619Z MBMounting bracket for small housing
911401565101MOUNTING HOOKMounting Hook

• Energy efficient
• Application flexibility (hook/pendant/bracket) Features
• Energy savings up to 60% compared to HIP systems
• Long lifetime
• Comfortable light with low glare ratings
• Unique flat design for various mounting

Other type for Philips Highbay, you can scroll for this below : 

GP Highbay 2 - Big Housing
911401568511 BY687P LED240/CW PSR S-WB L3000 24000 lm 1-10V dimmable--240w
911401568811 BY687P LED240/CW PSR S-NB L3000 24000 lm 1-10V dimmable
911401568611 BY687P LED200/CW PSR S-WB L3000 20000 lm 1-10V dimmable---200w
911401569311 BY687P LED200/CW PSR S-NB L3000 20000 lm 1-10V dimmable
GP Highbay 2 - Medium Housing
911401567211 BY688P LED160 L3000/CW PSU S-NB 16000 lm fixed driver-160W
911401567111 BY688P LED160 L3000/CW PSU S-WB 16000 lm fixed driver
911401536511 BY688P LED140/CW PSU S-NB 14000 lm fixed driver-140W
911401536411 BY688P LED140/CW PSU S-WB 14000 lm fixed driver
GP Highbay 2 - Small Housing
911401568111 BY689P LED100 L3000/CW PSU S-NB 10000 lm fixed driver--100W
911401568311 BY689P LED100 L3000/CW PSU S-WB 10000 lm fixed driver
911401536911 BY689P LED90/CW PSU S-NB 9000 lm fixed driver-90W
911401536811 BY689P LED90/CW PSU S-WB 9000 lm fixed driver
GreenPerform HighBay Accessories
911401568411 BY617Z MB Mounting brancket for big housing
911401578801 BY618Z MB Mounting bracket for medium housing
911401578701 BY619Z MB Mounting bracket for small housing
911401565101 MOUNTING HOOK Mounting Hook
GreenUp Highbay
911401524621 BY550P LED100/CW PSU NB 10000lm fixed driver
911401524521 BY550P LED100/CW PSU WB 10000lm fixed driver
911401523221 BY550P LED100/CW PSD NB 10000lm DALI dimmable driver
911401523521 BY550P LED100/CW PSD WB 10000lm DALI dimmable driver
911401522121 BY550P LED200/CW PSU NB 20000lm fixed driver
911401522021 BY550P LED200/CW PSU WB 20000lm fixed driver
911401522821 BY550P LED200/CW PSD NB 20000lm DALI dimmable driver
911401523021 BY550P LED200/CW PSD WB 20000lm DALI dimmable driver
Intelligent GreenUp Highbay
911401538221 BY550X LED100/CW ACW2 IS NB 10000 lm w/Actilume DALI
911401538721 BY550X LED100/CW ACW2 IS WB 10000 lm w/Actilume DALI
911401537421 BY550X LED200/CW ACW2 IS NB 20000lm w/Actilume DALI
911401537321 BY550X LED200/CW ACW2 IS WB 20000lm w/Actilume DALI
Mini500 LED G2
911401580111 BBP500 LED110/CW PSU S-MB  Recessed fixed driver 
911401579611 BBP500 LED110/CW PSU A-WB  Recessed fixed driver 
911401580011 BBP500 LED110/CW PSR S-WB  Recessed 1-10V dimmable 
911401580511 BBP500 LED110/CW PSR A-WB  Recessed 1-10V dimmable 
911401581011 BCP500 LED110/CW PSU S-MB  Surface fixed driver 
911401581311 BCP500 LED110/CW PSU A-WB  Surface fixed driver 
911401581911 BCP500 LED110/CW PSR S-MB  Surface 1-10V dimmable driver 
911401582811 BCP500 LED110/CW PSR A-WB  Surface 1-10V dimmable driver 
911401583411 BGP500 LED110/CW PSU A-WB  Pole mounted fixed driver 
Intelligent Mini500G2
911401580811 BBP500 LED110/CW PSD ACD2 IS S-MB  Recessed w/actilume DALI 
911401580911 BBP500 LED110/CW PSD ACD2 IS A-WB  Recessed w/actilume DALI 
911401583111 BCP500 LED110/CW PSD ACD2 IS S-MB  Surface w/actilume DALI 
911401583311 BCP500 LED110/CW PSD ACD2 IS A-WB  Surface w/actilume DALI 
911401537111 BY268P LED80/CW PSU  8000 lm fixed driver 
911401537211 BY268P LED80/NW PSU  8000 lm fixed driver 
911401537511 BY268P LED60/CW PSU  6000 lm fixed driver 
911401537611 BY268P LED60/NW PSU  6000 lm fixed driver 
911401537711 BY269P LED40/CW PSU  4000 lm fixed driver 
911401537811 BY269P LED40/NW PSU  4000 lm fixed driver 
SmartBay Accessories
911401542011 BY268Z MB  BY268 mounting bracket 
911401541911 BY269Z MB  BY269 mounting bracket 
911401541711 BY268Z SM C  Chain kit 
911401541811 BY268Z SM P  Pipe kit 
911401541611 BY268Z Hook  Mounting hook 
911401541511 BY268Z RL  BY268 reflector 
911401542111 BY269Z RL  BY269 reflector 
GreenUp WellGlass LED
911401578611 BY200P LED25 B-W/NW PSU  2500lm batwing optic 
911401578711 BY200P LED25 B-W/CW PSU  2500lm batwing optic 
911401579011 BY200P LED25 L-B/NW PSU  2500lm lambertian optic 
911401578811 BY200P LED25 L-B/CW PSU  2500lm lambertian optic 
GreenUp WellGlass LED Accessories
911401578911 BY200Z MB  Mounting Bracket 
911401579111 BY200Z WG  Wire Guard 
Prolux TPS550
911401522011 TPS550 2xTL5-28W HFS NB 220V  TPS550 2xTL5-28W HFS NB 220V 
911401521511 TPS550 2xTL5-28W HFS WB 220V  TPS550 2xTL5-28W HFS WB 220V 
911401521811 TPS550 2xTL5-54W HFS NB 220V  TPS550 2xTL5-54W HFS NB 220V 
911401521911 TPS550 2xTL5-54W HFS WB 220V  TPS550 2xTL5-54W HFS WB 220V 
911401521211 TPS550 4xTL5-28W HFS NB 220V  TPS550 4xTL5-28W HFS NB 220V 
911401520911 TPS550 4xTL5-28W HFS WB 220V  TPS550 4xTL5-28W HFS WB 220V 
911401520811 TPS550 4xTL5-54W HFS NB 220V  TPS550 4xTL5-54W HFS NB 220V 
911401520611 TPS550 4xTL5-54W HFS WB 220V  TPS550 4xTL5-54W HFS WB 220V 
911401521411 TPS550 6xTL5-54W HFS NB 220V  TPS550 6xTL5-54W HFS NB 220V 
911401521011 TPS550 6xTL5-54W HFS WB 220V  TPS550 6xTL5-54W HFS WB 220V 
910403630559 ZPS550 MB  ZPS550 MB 
910403630561 ZPS550 PC W300  ZPS550 PC W300 
910403630560 ZPS550 PC W500  ZPS550 PC W500 
911401562401 ZPS550 WG W300  ZPS550 WG W300 
911401562301 ZPS550 WG W500  ZPS550 WG W500 
910402002480 HPK888 1xHPI-P250W-BU IC PR GR  HPK888 1xHPI-P250W-BU IC PR GR 
910402000980 HPK888 1xHPI-P250W-BU IC R-L GR  HPK888 1xHPI-P250W-BU IC R-L GR 
910402002580 HPK888 1xHPI-P400W-BUS IC PR GR  HPK888 1xHPI-P400W-BUS IC PR GR 
910402001080 HPK888 1xHPI-P400W-BUS IC R-L GR  HPK888 1xHPI-P400W-BUS IC R-L GR 
911401150180 ZPK888 EB  ZPK888 EB 
911401150080 ZPK888 EC-WP  ZPK888 EC-WP 
911401089280 HPK518 1xHPI-P250W-BU IC 220V-50Hz  HPK518 1xHPI-P250W-BU IC 220V-50Hz 
911401089380 HPK518 1xHPI-P400W-BUS IC 220V-50Hz  HPK518 1xHPI-P400W-BUS IC 220V-50Hz 
911401095980 GPK518 R D425 ALU  GPK518 R D425 ALU 
911401096080 GPK518 R D645  GPK518 R D645 
911401085480 ZPK518 GC  ZPK518 GC 
911401085580 ZPK518 MB  ZPK518 MB 
910401995180 ZPK518 P D645 IP20  ZPK518 P D645 IP20 
911401092080 HPK138 1xHPI-P250W-BU IC 220V-50Hz  HPK138 1xHPI-P250W-BU IC 220V-50Hz 
911401092180 HPK138 1xHPI-P400W-BUS IC 220V-50Hz  HPK138 1xHPI-P400W-BUS IC 220V-50Hz 
911401095680 GPK138 R-WB D425  GPK138 R-WB D425 
LowBay 200
911401083280 HBK200 C 1xCDM-TT150W  HBK200 C 1xCDM-TT150W 
911401083180 HBK200 C 1xCDM-TT250W  HBK200 C 1xCDM-TT250W 
911401081680 HBK200 C 1xHPI-TP250W  HBK200 C 1xHPI-TP250W 
911401072180 HCK200 C 1xCDM-TT150W  HCK200 C 1xCDM-TT150W 
911401072080 HCK200 C 1xCDM-TT250W  HCK200 C 1xCDM-TT250W 
911401071780 HCK200 C 1xHPI-TP250W  HCK200 C 1xHPI-TP250W 
911401074680 HPK200 C 1xCDM-TT150W  HPK200 C 1xCDM-TT150W 
911401074580 HPK200 C 1xCDM-TT250W  HPK200 C 1xCDM-TT250W 
911401074280 HPK200 C 1xHPI-TP250W  HPK200 C 1xHPI-TP250W